Waterlase Laser Dentistry

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Waterlase laser dentistry allows us to offer a new standard in comfortable dental care.

In the past, you may have avoided the dentist due to your anxiety associated with the dreaded dentist drill. A device is sometimes known for causing heat, vibration, and discomfort when used.

With the advancement of laser technology, these concerns are a thing of the past. Waterlase (HydroKinetics technology) uses laser-energized water droplets to gently and precisely remove hard tissue (tooth enamel) and soft tissue (gum tissue) without the heat and discomfort normally associated with dental drills.

What are the Benefits

  • Lasers do not make any noise, so there’s no “whirring” sound of a dental drill.
  • Because there is usually less discomfort, there is less need for shots (anesthesia) or sedatives reducing numbness.
  • Because lasers are more precise, there is less removal of healthy tooth structure with cavity repair.
  • Blood vessels are sealed off by the laser, reducing the possibility of bleeding gums or the need for stitches.
  • The laser disinfects as it cuts leading to fewer post-surgery complications, such as infection, pain or swelling.
  • In many cases, most procedures are completed faster than similar ones done with a drill.