How to Make Life Easy with Dentures

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Ah, dentures. Despite the stereotypes that surround this dental treatment, dentures are a good option to keep in mind especially if you’re missing all or a few of your teeth.

Despite what you may have heard or have come to think, several different types of dentures are available to you to help address your dental needs and repair your unique smile.

For more information about receiving dentures in Vancouver, contact our local dental practice today! Our dentists are here to answer all your questions.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are a dental prosthetic that is customized to fit inside your mouth and fill in the spaces left behind by missing teeth. There are two main types of devices that you can receive: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete dentures are recommended for patients who are missing all their teeth. These can be “conventional” or “immediate”. Conventional dentures, otherwise known as traditional dentures, are those that are designed in a dental lab based on x-rays and molds. They typically take eight to twelve weeks to make. Immediate dentures are the opposite, fabricated beforehand.

Partial dentures are given to patients who are missing just a few teeth and, therefore, still have some of their natural teeth intact. This device consists of a dental bridge and a gum-colored base. A metal framework is also included to connect each piece.

Be sure to speak to a dentist near you about which route is best for your specific case. They’ll be able to identify whether you’re an ideal candidate for this treatment or if an alternative course of action would be better. You’ll also be guided through the process, so you know precisely what to expect.

How to Make the Most of Your Dentures

Certain dental treatments like receiving dentures, having a tooth extracted, or having orthodontic work done will always be an adjustment. However, you’ll soon be used to wearing and navigating life with your dentures.

There are always measures that you can take to make the most of dealing with dentures. Such strategies will help you take care of your oral health and live life to the fullest. This includes the following:

1. Make sure your dentures fit properly.

Arguably, this is the most important thing to stay on top of. After all, if you’re dentures don’t fit you, they won’t be doing you any good.

When you come to receive dentures, your dentist will first examine your mouth and they may take a series of x-rays to create a comprehensive image of your oral health. Your dentist will take impressions of your mouth which are sent to the dental lab. These are used to ensure that your dental prosthetics are designed based on the dimensions of your mouth.

If something isn’t fitting correctly, don’t hesitate to let your dentist in Vancouver know so they can make the necessary adjustments.

2. Give yourself time to adjust.

For the first little while, your new dentures will impact how you chew, swallow, and talk. You may release some excess saliva. But this won’t last forever. You’ll get used to your dentures in no time and soon, you won’t even notice them at all!

3. Eat what you love!

One of the biggest benefits of dentures, regardless of whether they’re complete or partial dentures, is being able to eat and drink properly once more. These prosthetics are purposefully made to mimic your real teeth in both appearance and function. So don’t worry about cutting out foods from your diet.

4. Clean your dentures.

Just as you must keep your natural teeth clean by daily brushing and flossing, taking the time to clean your dentures every day will also boost your oral hygiene. Rinsing your dentures after each meal and letting them sit in a cleaning solution while you sleep will help with this.

If your dentures aren’t properly cared for, this may lead to chronic bad breath and gum disease.

Are you interested in receiving dentures near you? Here at City Square Dental Center, our staff looks forward to assisting you with your oral health needs. Call or visit our website to book a consultation today!